Miles and William Rabun

Young Authors of Popular Children's Book

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...a "real" book. I said, "You mean like Miles and William?" and he said yes. I can refer to them all year: "Remember when Miles and William were here and we saw real kids who published their very own book....?" I wanted them to visit because I knew it would be inspirational and motivating, and it was". - 1st Grade Teacher, Creedmoor Elementary, Creedmoor, NC


   They were AWESOME and the drumming took it to the nth level - 1st Grade Student, Creedmoor Elementary



   "I just wanted to write and tell you how Miles and William have influenced a group of second graders in Austin. I've been volunteering at my granddaughter's school once a week and read to her class for 30 minutes. One of the books that I took one day was the one that Miles and William wrote. They have been absolutely fascinated about the fact that "kids" just like them were writing and were published. Several of these kids have now been writing stories on their own at home. Lots of interest in stepping outside of their "box" has been generated by this book. I thought you might like to let Miles and William know about the impact of their book!" - Grandmother, Austin, Texas